Pastor Geri Hamlen

Greetings and welcome to Trinity!  It is my pleasure to meet you here in the cyber-world of our website, and if I have not met you in person, I surely would like to.  Please accept my invitation to you to join us for one of our upcoming worship services.  That's a great way to start to get to know the Trinity family.  If you have any questions or would like to know more, please drop us an email at or call the church office, 906/774-2545.  We look forward to meeting you!


Transition time! That’s what I call these last three Sundays in May. We are moving from the Season of Easter/Resurrection/Spring into the Season of Pentecost/Holy Spirit/Summer and Fall. Ascension Sunday moves us through a whole new understanding of Jesus and his departure from this earth...Truly a Resurrection Do-Over! Then Pentecost Sunday stirs our very souls with the power of the Holy Spirit sweeping through the community of faith like a cleansing fire, a healing wind, a life-giving shower after a long drought. Then to wrap it all up, Trinity Sunday pulls it all together for us as we hear again the familiar Hymn: God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity!

As we move into our second COVID summer, co-existing as best we can with this virus and its variants...I hope that you can take some consolation from the rhythms of our Worship. Last year at this time, I was still preaching Ascension Sunday from the living room of the parsonage. Remember that? Last year for Pentecost, yes, we were back in the church building but, if memory serves me, there were only 12 or 14 brave souls who came. Then on Trinity Sunday 2020, well, what can I say—I still had bangs, short enough to hang over my forehead without covering my eyes. And here we are a year later...remembering, re-living, rejoicing the same three Special Sundays.

Progress has been made, my friends. The pew cushions are back on the pews. The Hymnals are there, also. Baptisms are happening—yes, little ones are being welcomed into this Community of Faith with parents and a congregation committed to showing them the way of life that Jesus offers. Attendance has grown to sometimes 40 and even 50 people some Sundays. The availability of vaccinations is drawing people out of the more solitary lifestyles that we adopted for such a long time. No, it’s not a total return to ‘normal,’ but sometimes God’s way is in baby steps, rather than long-jumps.

No matter what germs or weather or politics or economic uncertainties...I pray that you find comfort in our Worship celebrations of special events in the life of Jesus, in the coming of the Holy Spirit, and in the affirmation that God’s steadfast love endures in all places and all times. The beginning and the end and all the transitions in between are made perfect in the love that God showers on each and all of us, all the time.

I am so glad, with a joy that flows deep and wide, that we are all moving through this transition, 2021, together, as the disciples of Jesus...into God’s the power of the Holy Spirit. God’s peace be with us all. Be not afraid...In His name, Pastor Geri

Pastor Geri


Holy Spirit, I pray blessings on these people here before you. Protect them and shield them from the sorrow of sickness. Breath hope into them and tend to any pain and suffering they may be feeling.  You do bless us with the light of your love and the power of your strength. For that, we give you our heartfelt thanks and praise. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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