Pastor Geri Hamlen

Greetings and welcome to Trinity!  It is my pleasure to meet you here in the cyber-world of our website, and if I have not met you in person, I surely would like to.  Please accept my invitation to you to join us for one of our upcoming worship services.  That's a great way to start to get to know the Trinity family.  If you have any questions or would like to know more, please drop us an email at or call the church office, 906/774-2545.  We look forward to meeting you!

Pastor’s Ponderings:

Sunday, June 14

I just got home from the Iron County Anti- Racism Prayer Vigil at Fortune Lake. Would you be surprised to know that I also attended the Marquette Black Lives Matter March on Monday, June 1? I would have marched here in Iron Mountain on Wednesday, June 3, if I had known about it.

Yes, your Pastor is being moved by the Holy Spirit to participate in public displays of support for change in how we think and talk about people with darker skin. And more importantly, change in how we act towards Black people. I, like so many other Americans, support changes that can increase opportunities, health care, dignity, and respect for those who have been treated unfairly for a long, long time.

When I was growing up, I used to wonder what I would have done if I had been alive in Germany during World War II. Would I have had the courage to shelter a Jewish family? I hoped so, but I wasn’t sure.

I used to wonder if I had been born in Stalin’s Russia, would I have risked the Gulag to speak the truth and maybe even be a spy for the Americans? I hoped so, but I wasn’t sure.

I used to wonder if I had been old enough during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, would I have had the courage to face fire hoses and police dogs and possible injury, even death, at the hands of the National Guard? I hoped so, but I wasn’t sure.

Well, now it’s June 2020. And the truth that a significant group of American citizens are being treated badly is too clear for me to ignore. Exploitation and injustice towards Black people is so obvious to me that now I am asking...will I go out in public and stand up for people who were made in the image of God? Will I speak out for the honor and dignity of Black people? Will I resist the violence of prejudice, racism, white supremacy in this time and this place?

And this time...I AM sure. It’s time. Here and now for me to do what I can, when I can, and in whatever way I can. June 17, 2020 I know that you, in your life, may not be in the

same place that I am. This course of action has taken a long time to become obvious to me. I’ve done a lot of reading and listening and praying and talking. Maybe that’s what you’re doing right now, and that is so important. God works through all of those things to move us along in our journey as the followers of Jesus.

Just know this to be true: When God says, ‘It’s time’...well, that’s a holy call to action. That’s Jesus saying, ‘Come and follow me.’ That’s when I look and see that God’s been getting me ready my whole life and I better get out there and do something!

I don’t know exactly what that will look like, but I’ll keep you in the loop! This change in my life will not change the love and the care that I have for each of you and for this Trinity UM Church. Just don’t be surprised to see me marching or praying or speaking in public about my support for those who have suffered far too long. And who knows, you just might want to come too! In the name of Jesus, right? God’s peace to us all.

Pastor Geri


Holy Spirit, I pray blessings on these people here before you. Protect them and shield them from the sorrow of sickness. Breath hope into them and tend to any pain and suffering they may be feeling.  You do bless us with the light of your love and the power of your strength. For that, we give you our heartfelt thanks and praise. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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