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You Are Welcome!


Trinity United Methodist Church has a share the love of God with those who hunger.  Hunger can mean anything...hunger for fellowship, guidance, Christ's teachings, assistance, activity....what is your hunger? Please join us on Sunday morning at 8:00 or 10:30 and find out who we are and what we are about.  We are a family here at Trinity and we would very much like to meet you....

Our History


Trinity UMC has been a part of the Iron Mountain/Kingsford community for decades.  Our current location on Carpenter Avenue in Iron Mountain was built in 1954.  With such a rich history and so many area families who have come to Trinity for worship, fellowship, service, education in the Lord, we have been blessed with all the tradition, variety, and spirit that comes with it.  We are truly a family in Christ and all are welcome!  

Youth programs, music through our adult choir and musical ensembles, workshops, craft clubs, exercise class, service programs like Light at the Inn and the Wednesday night meal, and of course plenty of worship opportunities are available at Trinity and it would bring us so much joy to welcome new visitors and anyone who we can share God's love and word with!  

Please find out more by visiting, calling , or contacting Trinity.....

Trinity UMC 

808 Carpenter Ave.

Iron Mountain, MI 49801

(906) 774-2545

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