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Trinity Sewing Ministry

In January 2022, a sewing ministry was born.  Next a classroom was converted into a sewing room.  The first project was to take donated fabric such as sheets and sew them into PJ pants.  Our pattern library contains PJ pants from toddler’s size up to 5X adults, boxer shorts and baby sleep sacks.  These were distributed to local charities and a few distant ones.  The total is 250.  Similar to “Little Dresses for Africa” and “Britches for Boys” we named our group  “PJ’s for People.”


The next adventure was teaching junior high students to sew.  Two young ladies are working upon a beginner’s project.  Their tote bags are almost completed.  Meanwhile I reached out to MSU Extension who’s one of many functions is to coordinate 4-H.  Mary Yeadon and TUMC were approved and a new club called ‘Sew Fun’ was formed.  An assistant leader is needed before a class begins this summer.

Future projects may be partnering with God’s Country Cooperative Parish in Newberry.  GCCP has stores of donated sheets and local seamstress’.  Trinity Sewing Ministry will provide patterns, tools and elastic.  Together we could do a one or two day work bee to make PJ pants. Yet to be explored, we may make cloth menstrual pads.  Both items will be donated to GCCP.   


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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