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*1887  The Methodists came to Iron Mountain in 1887 when the Central (English) Methodist Episcopal Church began.  A year later, their Church building on B Street was built.

*1890   Three years later, the Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church was started on Fifth St. here in Iron Mountain.   

*1907—The Swedish Church built a building in 1907 on Brown Street.

*1908—A year later, in 1908, The Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church renamed themselves the:    Wesley Methodist Church

*1944  In January, 1944, tragedy struck.   The Central (English) Methodist Church on B Street burned down. No one ever figured out why. Like good neighbors do,  Wesley Church invited Central to worship with them at their Church building on Brown Street. 

Rising from the Ashes

*Sept. 1944   Out of that tragedy, a  new church was born, Trinity Methodist Church, through the merging of Wesley and Central Churches.

*1952  Eight years later, in 1952,  construction of a new church building was discussed, debated, voted on:  47 in favor, 7 opposed. The Cornerstone for the building we are in right now was laid in 1953.

 *February 7, 1954   The opening worship service at the new building was held on the corner of Carpenter & E Street where we all are today.

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