April 26, 2018
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 I am Pastor Geri Hamlen and I would like to welcome you to Trinity. We have an active, friendly church community and I would very much like to meet you, in the name of Jesus Christ.   Please join us for worship, for fellowship and for service to the world, by the power of the Holy Spirit!
Pastor’s Ponderings

Winter 2018 has, as always, been dark and cold. Ripe with germs and stumbles. Empty at times of color other than the red cheeks and chapped lips of those who come in from the bitter weather. Hallelujah, it’s almost over! Even as my WeatherBug app warns me of snow showers maybe on Good Friday and even yes, (how dare they!?!) on Easter Sunday…I see temperatures this week in the 40’s and even up to 52 degrees. Mostly sunny. A chance of rain…so much better than more of the white stuff!

While the mornings bring frozen ground after overnight lows, there are already puddles of water and patches of mud which show up during the daylight, sunny hours. No signs of renewed outside plant life yet, but the birds are singing. And my crazy Christmas cactus that didn’t bloom in the dead of winter has started coming alive with buds…the first of which actually bloomed on Palm Sunday! Many more just waiting in the wings to bring a burst of color throughout the dark days of Holy Week.

It feels like forever but truly…New Life is just around the corner! Easter this year, on April Fools Day, is the open door into Spring. Into relief that the dark days are over. Into the fulfillment of God’s intention for us to be saved from gloom and despair and darkness. Enough! God says. Let there be light! Let there be life! The gift is God’s. The choice is ours.

The Lenten Crossroads series of dialogues during the 10:30 Sunday worship showed us that life is about choices and decisions that need to be made. Some of them simple. Some more complex. All of them, all of our crossroad options can include ‘Choosing Life’ when we stop and think about how Jesus found his way back to life after his horrible death on the cross.

Nature and circumstances and challenges do bring us to a stop at time. How many snow days did you have this year that brought your regular routine to a screeching halt? But Jesus shows us

over and over again that death and dismay are never the end of the story. After a pause in the action and a fallow period of enforced rest, Resurrection restores us. Life gets re-set. New beginnings and eager entrances are all a part of God’s plan for each of us…over and over again…if and when we choose life in Christ. When we give ourselves to life in a community of faith. When we share our lives with those around us, the same way that Jesus shares his life and death and resurrection with us.

Welcome to spring, my friends. Welcome to Easter and the new life in Christ that is the absolute reassurance that God has goodness and mercy in store for us, all the days of our lives. I look forward to enjoying it together with all of you!

In the name of Jesus,
                                             Pastor Geri


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